Illustrious Prince Hall Grand Council, Royal and Select Masters for the State of California, Elect Honorary Grand Thrice Illustrious Masters

Riverside, July 2010
Submitted by Donald R. Ware

At the 2010 Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, State of California, two Most Worshipful Past Grand Masters and one sitting Grand Master received the honor of Past Grand Thrice Illustrious Master (Hon.).
During the Session, the Grand Council conferred upon the Honorable Martin L. Kennison, MWPGM the rank and title of Past Grand Thrice Illustrious Master, posthumously. Mrs. Margo Kennison was present and graciously received the honor on behalf of her husband. The Grand Council was very pleased with her presence.

The Grand Council also had the pleasure of bestowing the rank of Past Grand Thrice Illustrious Master for meritorious work to support the origins of the Grand Council upon MWPGM Ronald Robinson. He was present to receive his award.
Finally, the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Tommie E. Phillips, Sr. received his investiture of the crown and apron of the rank of Past Grand Thrice Illustrious Master (Hon.). Rev. Daniel Holmes performed the investiture with the dedication of his crown, PGTIM Charles E. Tyner, and GTIM Donald R. Ware. There were many present to celebrate this great occasion.

The Royal and Select Master is the newest Grand Body in California. Within it, many secrets regarding the Master Word are explained and as such complete the circle of Ancient Craft Masonry.